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Help Save African Penguins! DONATE HERE:

If you prefer to support the project by check, mail to:

Dallas Zoological Society

Attn:  Kevin Graham - Penguin Nest Project

650 South R.L. Thornton Fwy

Dallas, TX  75203

African Penguin Nests

Sponsor a basic nest (or choose a group of nests) to be installed in a penguin colony in South Africa, to help protect the adult birds, eggs and chicks from predators and heat. The nests were rigorously designed and tested, and penguins have taken to them well -- many birds moved in as soon as they were deployed, and an egg was laid in one nest just four hours afterward!


Sponsor Fully Equipped African Penguin Nests

Sponsor a penguin nest (or choose a group of nests) and a package of electronic sensor equipment measuring temperature, humidity, heat stress index, etc. to be installed in a penguin colony in South Africa. Real-time data from the nest will be wirelessly transmitted from the interior of the nest back to researchers to allow us to monitor the performance of the nest.

Support the African Penguin Nest Project

The artificial nests bring hope to a critically endangered species. Along with the nests funding also is needed for additional aspects of the project, from tools, equipment, nest factory lease, expenses for volunteers, data collection and more. Help fund the African Penguin Artificial Nest Project, and you'll know that your dollars are being used carefully to save penguin colonies in South Africa.

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