Research Documents

  • Extreme microclimate conditions in artificial nests for Endangered African Penguins

  • Heat tolerance in African Penguins in the face of climate change 

  • Behavioural adaptations of the Jackass penguin to a hot, arid environment

  • Body temperatures of Free-Living African Penguins and Bank Cormorants

  • Nest Boxes:  A Management Tool for Conservation

  • Penguins feel the heat

  • Effect of Burrowing versus Ambient Temperature

  • Artificial nests enhance the breeding productivity of African penguins on Robben Island

  • Growth and decline of a penguin colony and the influence on nesting density and reproductive success

  • Management of the African Penguin - Insights from Modeling

  • Save the penguins: Teaching the science of heat transfer through engineering design.

  • Temperatures inside nest boxes of Little Penguins

  • Penguins:  Passion, Pressure, and Politics

  • Evaluation of Artificial Nest Sites for Long-term Conservation of a Burrow-Nesting Seabird

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