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African penguins are in serious trouble.


Their numbers have plummeted  over the past century due to the  destruction of nesting sites,  egg poaching, oil spills, global  climate change, and competition for food resources with commercial fishing. There is hope to save this iconic species, through the

African Penguin Nest Project.

Our team has documented the struggles of the African penguin, and the effort to design, build, deploy, and test artificial nests.



Too Hot to Handle

During recent work in the penguin colonies a testing procedure used was thermal imaging.  Penguins nesting in exposed surface nests were measured with temperatures on their backs exceeding 145 degrees, while those in nests just a couple of feet away were measured at about 80 degrees.  That is an absolutely massive difference for the birds.


New Plush Penguins

A new shipment of plush penguins (both adults and chicks) have arrived in November 2022 and are available for purchase in the store.  These are environmentally friendly hand-sewn penguins and all profits support the continued installation of artificial penguin nests.


Penguin Chicks

With well over a thousand nests already in five of the penguin colonies we anxiously await each breeding season to see the results of all the work.  The nests are continuously monitored in all of the colonies and are seeing very high usage rates and a significant number of penguin chicks.  More safe nesting locations means more penguin chicks.

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